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the duel
more over it in the SuSE - archive .
foil becomes master? unfortunately no!
the Land - season 2000/01 am to ending, and the FC Tyrolese am master . from there has Peter his bet, that foil master becomes, lost, and defrays at Robert one dozen bottles red wine . we congratulate, fountain !
foil or drain?
there is yes still the Land - season 2001/02 gains foil, defrays Robert one dozen bottles; gains drain, defrays Peter : the chance am big that neither the two master becomes: then numbers Peter and Robert ever 6 bottles and drink she joint outfield .
Ménage à trois unfortunately no!
(forgiveness, debit side natural be called: duel à trois ). here become she the actually reporting to the budgeted " duel to third " over 1000m yeoman among Frank , Robert and arrange find ( as soon as himself the contracting party on the modalities geeinigt credit )! the date stands already party: Saturday, 25. August 2001 about 830: in the stadium . -- because the fountain but already after 600 metre the air expenditure, becomes the whole emissary!


here find she everything over Cremeschnitten ! only not the answer on the question, what Cremeschnitten and jesuits Christ joint credit . the find she that is to say here .


ours bulkier collection virtual crochet hook am at present unfortunately still Under Construction !

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